Online Barber School

Distance learning for a brighter future

Our online Barber School provides you with a comprehensive online course that teaches you everything from the basics of haircutting to in-depth haircutting and shaving techniques. You will also be assigned a dedicated and experienced barber trainer to assist you through your course. Let us guide you through the process to becoming an accredited barber while we prepare you for a successful future.

When training for a new career, you often have to give up your current job in order to attend school. Further, the time required to learn your new trade can make it difficult to maintain your current job. The advantage of distance learning is that you don’t have to give up your current job. Our Barber Course is specially designed to enable you to learn will you continue earning from your current job. You can learn the course material and practise in your own time. And when you’re ready, you can take the assessment and get certified.

Advanced Barbering Courses

Every Thing You Need To Know

The course includes a comprehensive training kit which includes a wide range of hair cutting and shaving equipment, along with training manuals and videos you can learn from in your own time. With our downloadable PDF’s and video tutorial links you’ll learn everything you need to know to pass your theory and practical test.

The advantage of this is that you can take your time to learn and master your new trade. The learning material has been designed to help you stay engaged while also teaching you everything you need to know about being a barber. This includes cutting techniques, learning about different hair types, knowing how to identify and fix common skin and hair conditions, and learning about the range of equipment used by barbers around the world.

What's in the Kit?

The kit covers everything you’ll need to practice your skills. This includes a mannequin head, hair brushes and capes, a quality 4-in-1 clipper set, 100% human hair and beard, a comb, a razor comb, clips. clippers for smoother fade, and quality cutting scissors for a more precise cut.

We will send you your training kit via speed post within a day after you register for the Barber Course. You will also receive instant access to our online training material, which includes training manuals and in-depth video tutorials so you can start learning the theoretical part of your course while you await your training kit.

barber kit

Work with Your Dedicated Trainer

Our highly experienced training providers work with you on a one-to-one basis. Connect with your dedicated training provider through email, Skype and telephone for any questions or queries you may have while working through the course.
During training, we actively encourage our students to reach out to their trainers even if they feel they are doing fine. This is extremely important as your dedicated trainer has been specifically trained to notice even the smallest flaws and help you correct them before your final assessment. This helps in ensuring that you pass your exam in the first go.

Putting Your New Skills into Action

Once you have received your accredited certificate, you will be ready to put your barbering skills into action. Start your new career as a barber and land your dream job. And if you’re really looking to be your own boss, set up your own mobile business and unleash your untapped earning potential.

Setting up your own barber shop comes with several challenges including the heavy capital, finding the right location, and ensuring that competition is limited. As a mobile barber, you can operate in a much wider geographical area by operating in your clients’ homes. You can also advertise your services on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ads, and via word of mouth. What’s more, the capital required for setting up your mobile business is significantly less than it is to open a physical barber shop.